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Sponsorship Request Submission Form

Thank you for contacting us to apply for an organization, cause or event sponsorship! We have been a large supporter of charitable events all over the West Virginia and we support hundreds of local events annually. Due to the nature of our business, we receive a very large number of requests for event sponsorship and unfortunately cannot always meet every request, but will carefully review each one and consider our available resources to meet the needs of the community.

Instructions: please read carefully.

Please complete a separate Sponsorship Request form for each sponsorship you are requesting. It is important to us to obtain the following information in order to determine if we are able to participate in your activity.

Please complete this form and return to our Business Office a minimum of six (6) weeks prior to your event and identify any print or advertising deadlines. We will await further supporting information to accompany this request. You may return this form via fax to (304) 626-2222 or scanned via email to kimmcclain@harrygreen.com. Please allow a response time of 21 days following the receipt of your completed forms.

If you have any questions about completing this form, call the Business Office at (304) 624-6304.

Thank you!

General Information

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Type of Request

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 Sponsorship: refers to the presentation of the Dealership in the public view as a sponsor for a specific event, activity or initiative.
 Donation: refers to the provision of financial or other benefits with direct recognition of the Dealership.
 Advertising: refers to the placing of print advertising relative to a specific event, occasion or activity. Every request for advertising must include circulation region and quantity in the details field below.
 Support: refers to utilizing Harry Green Chevrolet Nissan as a collection/drop off point for donations and other such types of activities.

Amount of Request

Partnership Benefits

If applicable, please list all sponsorship benefits, including but not limited to: Banners, program recognition, advertisements, etc.


I understand completing this form is not an agreement, but a request for Harry Green Chevrolet Nissan sponsorship. Should my request be approved, I agree to allow Harry Green Chevrolet Nissan to publish photos, logos, and stories related to this sponsorship in their internet & intranet based communications and/or any other communication media. Note: signature line does not require completion if form is being sent via e-mail.